Monday, June 13, 2011

Foreword for Box Full of Fears

    This writing project has been one of the easier ones for me. I think it was easy for all the creativity to flow out because it was from the heart and something we all go through. Everyone has to grow up at some point (as much as I wish I could go back). Its time for a change. The season of growing up is among us whether we like it, or not.

I think one of the harder things about doing this project was deciding on a topic. There's so much that we can all agree that we're going through at this time. But although there are many positive things going on, there can also be some negative. Like, losing friends/ boyfriends, going to new school etc. But something I realized by making a list of fears is that there's a lot to be worried about. Not to sound pessimistic because I do believe there is a light at the end of this long tunnel, it just takes a while to see it.

 I came up with the title Box Full of Fears because maybe if I wrote down all the fears I've ever felt down from the times I can remember until the moment my writing utensil hits the paper in a box, the box would fill up. But, as I got older the box would have to get smaller and smaller until there was only one fear left.

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