Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cudos to Three Good Blogs.

     Whenever I post on my blog, I try to make post that are some of my best pieces of writing work. Some of my fellow peers post really good blog in my opinion. I try to innovate my own blog posts to be something worth reading like theirs with out totally copying their writing techniques.

     First, Isaiah Nardone from 810. I think his blog posts are very attention-gabbing and just good. He's an awesome writer especially his poetry and his response to poems. I think they're real and honest opinions. I think his poem 'Seizure' is SUPER amazing. It's just dark and there's almost a bit or freedom as a reader to interpret what he means by his poems. Also his interpretation on the paintings was highly organized and mature and informational.

Second, Amani El-Hindi from 810. I think her posts are homey and comforting in a way. She has a way on how her blog is structured and what she posts its universally relateable. She puts up pictures from her life, which is a good way to make you blog your own. She has a talent for expressing her opinions on any to everything. There isnt one paticular piece of work that she has posted that i can say is my favorite. Sha has so many to choose from.

Finally Isabella Risus (I'm sure I spelled that wrong I apologize), I think her posts ae straight to the point. No beating around the bush and I think thier kinda cute in a way