Monday, December 20, 2010

Author's Note

In the article, For Gay Youths, Middle School can be the Toughest Time by Jocelyn Noveck from the AP National Writer tells the story of Rory Mann. Rory Mann discovered she was gay in the 7th grade. She didn’t tell anyone because she was already bullied for her differences from anyone else. It had gotten so bad for her, instead of eating in the cafeteria with her other peers; she would eat on the bathroom floor by herself. Sometimes, Mann would feel the need to cut her wrists with a razor blade. She hid her slit wrists away from her classmates and family with long sleeve shirts.
     “Everyone's trying to figure out who they are in middle school," says Mann, now 18 and a high school senior in Newport, R.I., where she is active in a gay students group. "They turn into vicious people. They are really insecure, and they exploit someone else's differences so people won't see who THEY are."
     According to the article, from the ages 11 to 13 or 14 is the time where pre teens discover their homosexuality in themselves. It can be a difficult time because it can go from a discovery to an identity struggle, due to the fact your pre teen years are the most painful where being different is the least accepted by peers
     I have been around people who were homosexual and unaware if how to tell their parents. One of my friends who is older than me told her mother and her mother didn’t accept her for not being what she wanted. She doesn’t have the same relationship with her mother since she came out to her.
     I wrote this book to let younger kids and everyone else know that being a little different from the person standing next to you or around you is ok. With out the different or unique people in the world, the world would be boring. It’s the differences in us that make up the world.