Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entry #5: Theme in Charolette's Web.

     One major theme that's re accouring in the children's book , Charolette's Web is family. every character in the book seems to tie together in one aspecet or another in my opinion. Also, like in family, there are  blissful births and sadly, unfortunate deaths.

     The relationship thats Wilbur and Charolette shared was special. Although Wilbur came from a place where food was nothing but a necesity and he sort of figured eveybody had food served to them,  for Charolette life wasn't so easy. When Charolette was showing Wilbur how she got her food, he was alarmed and shocked! It made me think, ' do all of my friends life the same lifestyle as me?' the answer is evidently no. No one is exactly the same as the people they associate with. Even though at first, Wilbur was aprehensive about starting a friendship with Charolette he became her bestfriend and accepted her for the clever, witty spider she was. Once their relationship grew, Charolette began to go out of her way for Wilbur, by telling him stories and spinning words such as 'radiant' and 'terrific' describing Wilbur. My view on thier relationship didn't really change in my opinon but just grew into a sibling relationship. Thier relationship began to remind me of how me and my sister interact and it wasn't so different.

     The relationship between Fern and Wilbur was also special. Although Wilbur has a biological mother, Fern appeared to be the maternal figure in Wilbur's life. When Wilbur was a premature piglet Fern protected him from being slautered by her father. Through the stage where Wilbur was a piglet, Fern bottle-fed him and took him out to play. Even when Wilbur and Fern didn't live together since Wilbur's appetite was expanding and he had to start a new life on the Zuckerman's farm, Fern still spent all her free time watching Wilbur with his new friends adapting to his new enviorment.

     Both these example's remind me of the theme of family. It reminds me of my family and how we treat each other. It may not be as perfect as in Charolette's Web but we love each other and will go out of our way for each other.