Monday, November 22, 2010

Research Topic #2 (Child Abuse)

Kids were always meant to be "seen, not heard". Every 8 seconds, a child is born. Every 10 seconds child abuse is reported. Almost 5 children everyday die from child abuse.Child abuse is everywhere, whether it be verbal, mental physical or medical, it is an unfortunate part of society.No level of abuse is higher in any race. Isn't it interesting that rascism is still an issue in the world, yet child abuse is one thing that we all have in common?

     The most common form child abuse is neglect. 59%  of children who are abused are neglected. Over 60% of people in drug rehab have been reported being abused or neglected as a child. What kind of example is this seting for the future? Boys are always tought to be strong, but how strong are you when you can't be honest about how you feel?

    I think as a kid or teenager, we're under estimated. Our knowledge, our emotions, our EVERYTHING is looked down upon because we're young. Children who are abused are more likely to act out and do acts of violence if they are abused. Abuse is an issue that can affect someone for the rest of their life.

     Child Protective Services investigated more than three million cases of suspected child abuse in 2007, but a new study suggests that the investigations did little or nothing to improve the lives of those children. In 1974, Congress passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, designed to encourage more thorough and accurate reporting and record-keeping in child abuse cases....The scientists looked at several factors: social support, family functioning, poverty, caregiver education and depressive symptoms, and child anxiety, depression and aggressive behavior--all known to increase the risk for abuse or neglect....They concluded that Child Protective Services investigations had little or no effect (New York Times)

The children most at risk of attempted abduction by strangers are girls ages 10 to 14, many on their way to or from school, and they escape harm mostly through their own fast thinking or fierce resistance, according to a new national analysis. Probing a crime that is infrequent but strikes fear in the hearts of parents as little else does, analysts from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children found that children who encountered would-be abductors were usually alone, often in the late afternoon or early evening....The new analysis examines more than 4,200 cases of attempted but unsuccessful abductions, and it shows that children were their own best protectors (Washington Post)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Research: Topic #1 (homosexuality)

      To be homosexual has always been a sstruggle for society to comprehend. From 1942 to 1973, The American Psychiatric Association declared that Homosexuality as a mental disease. 37% of the members of The American Psychiatric Association  voted to RECLASSIFY homosexuality as a disease, in November of 1997, all 50 denied homosexual men and women the right to get married. This just shows how easy it is for people are afraid of simple change or differences in society.

     In school as much as its pushed in the rug, bullying is everywhere. People are bullied because of their height, weight, race, and sexual orientation. Its more likely for students in school who are homosexual or homosexual are for more likely to attempt suicide because they have been bullied to an extent that they simply cannot stand anymore. How far is too far when someone is pushed to end their own life because you cant live life being yourself anymore?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Social Awarness Project: Find a true story about someone who changes the communtiy everyday.

In New York people get injured all the time. In New York City, there are over 70 hospitals. One of the top hospitals in the city is Bellevue Hospital. On average, between 3 and 500 people get admitted to Bellevue every week. Not everyone who gets admitted at a hospital can always pay the bill. Luckily at Bellevue there are options that can help you pay your bill. Medicad is one of those options. When given Medicad, a person can help you pay off most if not all of your bill if you show proof that you are struggling with the payments. One of these people who work with Medicad are Naimah Simmons, she is the associate director of finance. When asked about her job she says:
" I love my job, I am in charge of the staff who helps people figure out a way to pay their bill. If they cannot pay we figure out a way to help."

It's people like Naimah Simmons who help make the world better and healthier

Social Awareness Project: Write a poem or song responding to a specific social problem/issue


Listen to her,
Listen to her heart yell out for help
Listen to the screams of horror outside her window
Listen to her heart ache, just listen

She's everywhere, that girl who can't speak up
everyone should just listen to her.
Even when there is nothing to listen to,
acknowledge the silence.
She will be strong one day and get back up again,
if you just listen.