Thursday, May 26, 2011

Writing Prompt #3: Who was I? Who am I? Who do I want to be?

Who was I?
I was a little girl growing up in the city of Brooklyn. I loved school my friends and my mom. I would've considered myself a happy kid. I grew with my grandmother and my cousins in my life a lot. And I didn't have much to complain about. The meaning of life was simple- Have fun.

Who am I?
I am a young lady who is growing up. I'm going to a new school next year with no one I know. But I guess
it's time for new experiences.of her middle school years. I'm a teenage girl who is at the end  I'm a teenage girl who wants to remain in contact with the people she loves and cares about no matter how far life takes me. I am a teenage girl who doesn't have a plan too mapped out for the future, not now at least. I am a teenage girl who's about to experience a whole new part the world- high school.

Who do I want to be??

I want to be a woman that my family is proud of. I want to be a woman  who does what will make herself happy. I want to a woman who learns from hert mistakes and understands that life is like a maze with twists, turns and dead ends. But you keep trying until you're done.

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